The Auditorium

THE AUDITORIUM OF ESPINHO [AdE] materializes a different concept in relation to the generality of conventional theaters because it combines in an integrated way, in the same physical space, the valence dedicated to the production and regular reception of shows of different genres; the educational component of teaching / learning resulting from the operation of music courses given by the Espinho Music Academy and the Professional Music School of Espinho, as well as, for hosting a semi-professional training orchestra in artistic residency, the Espinho Classical Orchestra.

A Novel of Anomaly – Andreas Schaerer
Andreas Schaerer voice
Luciano Biondini accordion
Lucas Niggli drums

Kronos Quartet
David Harrington violino
John Sherba violino
Hank Dutt viola
Sunny Yang violoncelo

Pérez, Cohen, Potter Quintet
Danilo Pérez piano
Chris Potter saxofone tenor
Avishai Cohen trompete
Larry Grenadier contrabaixo
Johnathan Blake bateria